General Banking

  • How can I find out if a check has cleared, what my balance is or amount of my Direct Deposit?
  • How can I transfer between two accounts?
  • How do I place a stop payment on an item?
  • If I have a checking account and a loan can I make an automatic loan payment?
  • When using the Bill Payment option how is the transaction completed?
  • Can I receive my bank statement electronically?
  • How can I sign up for Internet Banking?
  • What does it take to open a checking or savings account?
  • How do I reorder checks?
  • Can I get a debit card and what are the charges?
  • How long does it take to get a debit card?
  • Do you offer FREE checking?
  • What should I do if I notice an electronic error on my statement

Online Banking

  • Why Does The Bank Require a Secure Access Code?
  • What is a Secure Access Code?
  • What effects will the security certificate have on my computer?
  • I requested a Secure Access Code via e-mail and have not received it. What do I do?
  • I received my Secure Access Code but can not enter it in the field provided.
  • I received my Secure Access Code but it says it has expired.
  • I have to get a new Secure Access Code every time I log in, I think my system may be deleting the secure certificate (cookie). What do I do?
  • I have set up a new password and registered my browser. I have selected “Activate this computer for later use”, but each time I log in, it makes me go through the Browser Registration process (where I have to get a Secure Code). Why?
  • How often can I change my password?
  • Why do you need me to verify my contact information when the bank says they will never ask for my personal information?
  • What if I am traveling and need to login to my accounts?
  • What Operating Systems Are Supported
  • How do I Transfer Funds Between Accounts
  • How Do I Export Transaction History Into My Personal Finance Management Software?
  • How Can I Change and Sort The History Displayed On The Transaction History Screen?
  • What Is a Phishing Phrase and Why Use One?
  • Forgot your password?

Mobile Banking

  • What Is Mobile Banking?
  • What Can I Do Via Mobile Banking?
  • What Type Of Accounts Can Be Accessed In Mobile Banking?
  • What Mobile Devices are supported for Mobile Banking?
  • How Much Does Mobile Banking Cost?
  • Is Mobile Banking Secure?
  • What do I need to get started with Mobile Banking?
  • How do I enroll in Mobile Banking?
  • Do I need a different User ID and Password for Mobile Banking?
  • How do I log into Mobile Banking?
  • I am getting an error message while trying to access the Mobile web address. What should I do?
  • What should I do if I forget my Mobile Authorization Code (MAC)?
  • Will my cell phone work for Mobile Banking?
  • If my cell phone is lost, whom should I contact?
  • Is Online Bill Payment available in Mobile Banking?
  • My browse button does not allow me to go back to the previous screen and logs me out of my session. Why?

Mobile Banking App

  • What is the Mobile Banking App?
  • How do I enroll in Mobile Banking?
  • How do I get my Mobile Banking App?
  • How are the Mobile Banking Apps different from my previous Mobile Banking?
  • What are the features of mobile banking apps?

Text Banking

  • What is the Text Banking text number?
  • What are the Text Banking commands?
  • Is there a cost for Text Banking?
  • How do I opt-out of Text Banking?
  • How do I get help with Text Banking?


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